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Proces VCN mass turning


If you are interested in VCN Mass Turning’s services, please feel free to make an appointment with us for a chat with no obligation. We can discuss what you need during this conversation and our specialists can advise you as necessary about all the options in terms of materials, dimensions, post-treatment and assembly. If you choose to do business with VCN, we will specify the quantities and delivery times together.

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We buy in the materials based on your order. We give them unique identifiers upon arrival. Mistakes are almost impossible. Material certificates are always available and you can request them from us.


Our draughtsmen process the agreed specifications into a 3D model. This becomes the basis for our production drawing and the CNC and 3D measurement program. This working method lets us standardize and guarantee our process quality at an early stage. Once this model is complete, production can start.

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